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Desi and Zara are Movement Missionaries in Oaxaca, Mexico, serving as leaders with Kaleo International. Kaleo is the official base for Iris Global in Mexico. Their mission is to reach the unreached people in the pueblos and mountains of Oaxaca, through discipleship, church planting and multiplication. Desi and Zara envision the message of Jesus spreading throughout southern Mexico and beyond with millions of indigenous people reconciled back to the heart of The Father through salvation in Christ.


Hi, my name is Desi Torres. I serve as a missionary in Oaxaca, Mexico as a ministry leader with IMPACTO, School of Ministry and Transformation. My focuses are teaching and mentoring students, coordinating local outreaches, and coordinating regional evangelism festivals. I am honored to partner with the Holy Spirit to reach this region.  

I surrendered my life to Christ on April 24, 2011 and haven’t looked back. One year after I decided to follow Jesus, I was baptized (Spring 2012) at a men’s retreat and God had reminded me of a desire that he had placed within my heart when I was a child, to travel the world and share about Jesus. Months after I was baptized I decided to enter into a one-year discipleship program. A week before I was going to graduate (Fall 2013),  a pastor approached me and invited me to be part of a team he would be taking to Oaxaca, Mexico. I quickly said “yes” and began taking necessary steps of leaving life as I had known it behind.

In the summer of 2014, we moved to Northern Oaxaca to plant a church and disciple locals. Less than a year later, we launched our discipleship school, IMPACTO, which welcomed new classes of students each year. Over the years, our students have become pastors, missionaries, church leaders, and founders of non-profit organizations targeting pro-life campaigns, addiction, prostitution and orphanhood.  IMPACTO’s mission is to stir students up to love and good works, that they would passionately impact society with the love of God, and the message of Jesus Christ. 

Apart from our regular city ministries, we hosted mass evangelistic festivals throughout Oaxaca. Thousands attended and heard the Gospel of Jesus Christ for the first time. Over time, we moved into new regions to foster relationships with local churches to see them empowered in evangelism to their homes. During these festivals, mission teams from the US came to partner with our staff and students. The Body of Christ comes together in power to fulfill The Great Commission in this generation. The Harvest is great!

In December of 2022, Zara and I officially ended our season with IMPACTO as we prepare for a new work with Kaleo International, the official Mexico base for Iris Global.
Zara and I are super excited to work with Kaleo! We’ll be spending a few months in northern Mexico (Reynosa) in order to work with their leadership team, church plants, and the refugee center. Kaleo Leadership will determine when the time is right to send us back to Oaxaca and begin to plant Kaleo Oaxaca.
IMPACTO will always be dear to our hearts! Although it was challenging to part ways, we know that this is what God is calling us to, and that’s why we decided to obey. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.

– Desi