IMAGINE YOU HAD cash in the bank for emergencies, lived a debt-free lifestyle, and became outrageously generous

It’ll take some work to get there, but we believe you can! Start your path to financial freedom and begin to live and give the way you’ve dreamed about.

What is Ramsey +

Now more than ever, we believe in the importance of being intentional with our finances by creating a plan that’s based upon sound Biblical principles. That’s why Movement Church invested in Ramsey+, an online bank of trustworthy stewardship resources

Ramsey+ is absolutely free to our Movement family. It’s our gift to you because we firmly believe that having financial peace and living a lifestyle of generosity is God’s express will for your life. Create a Ramsey+ account now and take your first step towards Financial Freedom!


Debt Snowball Tool: Eliminate your debt once and for all.
Coverage Check-Up: Easily find out what insurance and other coverages you need.
Financial Snapshot: List your total debt and money saved to see where you stand.
Mortgage Calculator: Plan your mortgage payment strategy.
Retirement Savings Planner: How much will you need to live the retirement life you want?
Investing Calculator: Come up with a plan to invest in your future.

Explore more resources here!

Nine weeks to financial peace!

No more money stress—ever! Financial Peace University (FPU) is a 9-week course that will teach you the basics of budgeting, dumping debt, planning for the future, and more. Hundreds of Movement family members have taken FPU and collectively saved $827,388 and paid off $601,926 in non-mortgage debt, all in just 9 weeks! FPU is absolutely FREE to our Movement Church family, so don’t miss this opportunity to get your finances in order — at no cost to you!



What Movement family members are saying about FPU.

"FPU made our marriage better! My wife and I have very different relationships with money, but FPU gave us a common language, goal and understanding. Finances went from being a point of contention to a place of unification. Yes, we have paid off tens of thousands in debt, have a fully funded emergency fund and good defensive insurance and investment strategy. While that is absolutely more than I could have imagined, it is the healing and clarity that FPU brought into our marriage that I am most grateful for."

"I can afford to be generous without worry since we know and plan where our money goes."

"Since taking the class, we have been able to pay in cash for a year of grad school—more specifically, a doctorate degree. We have no credit card debt and have enough savings for another year of school. We are so thankful to be able to live financially free and not have to worry about where the money comes from!"