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On Saturday, 10/29, Pastor Pat was involved in a serious collision while competing in the IronMan World Championship in St. George, Utah. He incurred several serious injuries, including 9 broken ribs, a broken leg, a broken scapula, concussion, and numerous other injuries. He remains in the hospital in Utah, where he will stay until his trauma team releases him to return home.

To support Pastor Pat & his family during this time, click here or text RECOVERY to 760-239-5858. All donations are tax deductible.

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Posted 11/13: Pat is still in St. George Utah and will begin a rigorous physical therapy program designed to get him strong enough to make the journey home. Please pray for quick progress, as well as his extreme migraines to subside.

Posted 11/5: Pat went into his 4th surgery this morning to address a torn meniscus, fractured tibia, and other knee trauma. The surgery was successful, but he remains in extreme discomfort. Please pray for divine peace in his body!

Posted 11/3: Pat’s shoulder surgery went well & he is in recovery. 

Posted 11/2: Thursday, 11/3, Pat goes in for his 3rd surgery to address the break to his shoulder blade. Please keep him in your prayers, along with the entire Lynch family, his medical team, and the other cyclist injured in the accident.

Posted 11/2: Earlier this week, Pat had his second surgery that was successful in cleaning and repairing damage to the lacerations. He needs at least one more surgery to his shoulder. He and the family are doing well as they take this healing journey one step at a time.Be 

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